Yogscast Book of Doodles 1

Book cover.

Yogscast Book of Doodles is a colouring-in book published by and written by the Yogscast. It became available for purchase in mid-November 2016.

The book can be purchased on The Yogscast Store.

Sales DescriptionEdit

The Yogscast Book of Doodles: For when you have nothing better to do! The Yogscast book of doodles is 64 pages of FUN.

It features activities based around all of your favourite Yogs.

Take the Triforce Quiz to find out which jerk you are most like!

Help Nilesy find his way out of a super tricky maze.

Spot the differences at after an invasion at YogTowers and my favourite......

Fill in the YouTube comment blanks!!

Once you've filled in your book, make sure you tweet your drawings back at us!!


  • The book contains 64 pages.


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