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The album's new and revised cover art.

Yogscast Christmas 2012 (formerly known as Now That's What I Call Yogmas 2012) is a music album released by Yogscast Studios which features 5 songs by Yogscast members (mixed and mastered by Tom Clarke). The album is available on Bandcamp and the revenue from the album and the individual tracks goes to charity.

The album used to be called "Now That's What I Call Yogmas 2012" until it mysteriously got changed. The reason behind this is unknown, but it is presumably because the "NOW" trademark is copyrighted.

Tracks Edit

  1. Fairytale of Sipsco by Sips, Sjin, Lewis, Simon and Duncan
  2. Gilbert The Snowman by Zoey
  3. Sjin And Duncan Are Going To Die by Rythian
  4. O' Rubber Tree by Duncan
  5. Minecraft Christmas by Area 11

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