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16th April 2012 is the first episode in the Yogscast 'Top 5' series, in which the funniest moments from the monthly selection of videos are cut out and pasted into one video.

The description for this video reads as follows: A quick demo video showing some highlights from the last few weeks! This was thrown together quite quickly because Lewis is tired from spending all weekend doing Shadow of Israphel, but If you like this type of thing we can do more in future - although hopefully next time we'll feature the other channels and videos in the network more and have you guys submit and vote on which bits you thought were best :) We love you all, and this week there's going to be some more Minecraft and Grimrock. Stay tuned. xx

Top 5Edit

1. Panda Starting Area, Ep 7 - Lewis & Simon  (BlueXephos)

2. Yogventures! -  Lewis & Simon  (BlueXephos)

3. Minecraft Ep 28 - Sips & Sjin (YogscastSjin )

4. Archeage Part 5 - Lewis & Simon  (BlueXephos)

5. Minecraft BattleGear Mod - Lewis & Simon  (BlueXephos)


Yogscast Top 5 - April 201205:14

Yogscast Top 5 - April 2012

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