This page shows common templates and example code to be able to use them, similar to the banners page. If you have any troubles with templates, the best person to ask would be Soldier Elite. Other staff also may be able to help you too, notably ShadowAuraInnes and Noreplyz.

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Used for indicating a page is of low-quality and needs improvement.


This article is too short to be good! You can add something to it to help make it better.



Used for indicating a page that needs deleting by wiki staff.



Used for indicating a page is still in progress, and that any strange or unfinished content should not be removed just yet.

Diggy Diggy Hole!

This article is under construction and being worked on. If there are empty section, leave them empty as someone may fill it out later. Feel free to edit this page!


{{Cleanup}} or {{Cleanup/Section}}

Used for indicating a page or section needs some cleanup or restructure.

Cleanup Required

The testificates are off on their lunch break and it's up to you to clean up their mess! This article is a bit disorganised or messy. The testificates would love it if you can edit this page to make it better.

Cleanup Required! This section requires a bit of a clean! It might be a bit disorganised or messy. You can edit this page/section to help make it better.

Page Protection

{{PageProtection|Duration of protection = Duration?|Date Protection Ends = Day?}}

Used for indicating a page has been protected from Anon editors.

Due to excessive vandalism, this page has been semi protected for Sample Weeks until Sample Day. To edit this page, you must be registered as an user. Sorry for the inconvenience.




Used for adding a quote to a page.

"Welcome to the templates page!"



This template should be used on every disambigation page. {{SUBST:disambig}}


{{AdvMaps|map=Map name?|no=No. of episodes?|maker=Made by who?|links=
#Video 1
#Video 2
#Video 3
|mapdownload=A download link

A way of displaying multiple Minecraft Adventure maps in an article in a condensed way.


Four videos of the map, Planetoids by Seibai.

  1. Planetoids, Part 1 - Fiery Balls!
  2. Planetoids Part 2
  3. Planetoids Part 3
  4. Planetoids Part 4



A basic infobox that is fully customisable.

Code: {{Infobox
|Box title = Infobox
|Row 1 title = Name
|Row 1 info = Infobox}}

Other infoboxes

More about these templates will be available later.


A navbox should be used at the bottom of pages to show relationships between them.

Members of the Yogscast
Founders: Simon Lane, Lewis Brindley
Administration: MintyMinute, Hannah Rutherford

Code: {{navbox
|header=Members of the Yogscast
|body='''Founders:''' [[Simon Lane]], [[Lewis Brindley]]<br />'''Administration:''' [[Anya Ferris|MintyMinute]], [[Hannah Rutherford]]

Yogscast Navbox

Code: {{Navbox/Yogscast}}

Shadow of Israphel Characters Navbox

Code: {{Navbox/SOI Characters}}

Shadow of Israphel Locations Navbox

Code: {{Navbox/SOI Locations}}

Yogscast Pets Navbox

Yogscast Pets
Panda's Pets: Lilith, Marmite, Rufus
Nilesy's Pets: Lyndon
Martyn's Pets: Kiki, Pascal
Zoey's Pets: Ziggy
Simon's Pets: Ollie

Code: {{Navbox/Yogscast Pets}}

Tekkit Locations Navbox

Code: {{Navbox/Tekkit Locations}}

Yogcraft Navbox

Code: {{Navbox/Yogcraft}}

Resonant Rise 3 Navbox

Resonant Rise 3
Series: Cat Island, Druidz, Flux Buddies 2.0, Rule The World, Time Cops, Cornerstone
Characters: King Oberon, Spiny, Tony

Code: {{Navbox/Resonant Rise 3}}

Yogscast Complete Pack Navbox

Yogscast Complete Pack
Series: Ars Magica 2 Bosses, Block Party, Blood and Chaos, Booty Bandits, ChaosVille, ChaosVille (Duncan and Sjin), Cheat Police, DirtQuest, DirtQuest Origins, Evicted!, Feed The World 2, Flux Buddies, Galacticraft, Hat Corp (Series), Heroes of Mine, Hole Diggers, Hole Diggers Extra, JaffaQuest, Minecraft The Hard Way, Magic Police, Modded Madness, Monster Hunters, Moonquest Administration is difficult? Moonflower menace, Myst Quest, Nano's Nook, Nano's Village, Owl Island (Series), Pig Island 2.0, Safari Masters, Sipsco Space Program, Sjintech Space Rescue, Sjin's Farm (Series), Strife Solutions (Series), Yogscast Complete Pack (Series), Beyond Mushbury, Mushbury Tales
Locations: Jaffa Factory (Factory), Hat Corp (Location), Hole Diggers Inc., DwarfStar Alpha, DwarfStar, Craggy Islands, Hat Shack, Lovely Island, SipsCo. Sewage Pumping Facility 7, Nilesy and Hannah's Shack

Code: {{Navbox/Yogscast Complete}}

Rule The World Navbox

Rule The World
Series: Rule The World
Characters Berym, Eldraphyn, Lord Blackwood, Elwyn Sorrowsong, Renzovia, Houndmaster Hobb, Spooky Steve
Locations: Sjinterfel, Alfheim

Code: {{Navbox/Rule The World}}


Should be posted on message walls to warn users about wiki behaviour.

You have been warned!

This is a formal warning for your behaviour in the Yogscast Wiki. Please review the Community Policy before making future edits.

Reason: Example
Action taken: Close moderation

You were warned by ShadowAuraInnes.

Code: {{warning|reason = Example|action taken = Close moderation|issuer = [[User:ShadowAuraInnes|ShadowAuraInnes]]}}


Should be posted on message walls to warn users about chat behaviour.

Code: {{warning/Chat|reason = Example|action taken = Close moderation|issuer = [[User:Soldier Elite|Soldier Elite]]}}


Should be posted on message walls of banned users. You can see more information about where and when this template should be used on Template:Banned/doc

Code: {{banned|reason = Example|expires = Never|issuer = [[User:Aethelhelm|Aethelhelm]]}}


Should be posted on profile pages/message walls of chat banned users. You can see more information about where and when this template should be used on Template:Banned/Chat/doc

Code: {{banned/Chat|reason = Example|expires = Never|issuer = [[User:Nixeu|Nixeu]]}}


Should be posted on profile pages of Wikia global banned users. You can see more information about where and when this template should be used on Template:Banned/Global/doc

Globally banned user!

Users who are globally banned from Wikia can not speak or reply on the any wiki hosted on If you want to appeal against this, do not appeal to staff and admins of this Wiki, instead appeal to Wikia Staff through Special:Contact.

Code: {{banned/Global}}


Should be posted on profile pages of banned users. You can see more information about where and when this template should be used on Template:Permabanned/doc

Code: {{permabanned|reason = Example|issuer = [[User:Aethelhelm|Aethelhelm]]}}


Should be posted on profile pages of banned users. You can see more information about where and when this template should be used on Template:Permabanned/Chat/doc

Code: {{permabanned/Chat|reason = Example|issuer = [[User:Aethelhelm|Aethelhelm]]}}

  • Wikia: Creation of stub, delete, quote, disambig, family tree, navbox, infobox, infobox episode
  • JaydenKieran: Edits to stub, delete, infobox episode, Creation of banned, banned/Chat, banned/Global, warning, warning/Chat, navbox/Yogscast, navbox/SOI Characters, navbox/SOI Locations, navbox/Tekkit Locations, navbox/Yogcraft
  • SnowyNix: Edits to stub and delete, banned, banned/Chat, banned/Global, warning, warning/Chat, Creation of permabanned, permabanned/Chat
  • Supertoastfairy: Creation of Navbox/Yogscast Pets
  • Noreplyz: Creation of AdvMaps, Episodes, Banners

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