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Yogscast: And The Mystical Dream Tower, formerly known as Yogscast: The Videogame, is a game created by Studio Flashback, mainly Charlie McShane and Thijs Miedema. The game was originally a fan-project, but soon became funded and partnered with The Yogscast. The game is a throwback to the 16-bit style of Scrolling Platformers, featuring a set storyline in a world baring visual resemblance to Minecraft. The game has been in development since early 2011.

The game features a full collection of themed levels, ranging from Ice-based zones to jungle-based zones and more. The beta features recognizable faces such as Hannah and TotalBiscuit, although they have not yet been confirmed to be in the released game. The game allows you to play as either Lewis or Simon, and have the latter follow you in the same style as the 2D Sonic platformers, and has the potential to have more playable characters in a multi-player mode. Users will also be allowed to create and share their own levels in the Level Creator.

The game will be released for PC and Mac Store, and soon be on portable platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

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