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Yogventures! is a Yogscast game which is currently still in the development stage. The game is currently in version Beta 0.0.1. The game has been released in beta to the public.

The Yogscast are no longer taking donations for the creation of the game via the Kickstarter page.[1]

Simon and Lewis announced the game through a video that was uploaded to YouTube.

With the dreams that this game will become big, fans have already started to setup websites dedicated to the game and plans for starting servers.[2][3][4]

The game is currently in the Beta phase, and is 30 USD.

On 27 August 2013, the game became accessible to the public. The Yogscast are yet to upload any footage of the game since its release.

Planned FeaturesEdit

  • Zombies!
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • The ability to harvest crystals and make tools with said crystals.
  • Murloc-esque creatures called "Froogs," along with being able to fight a "Froog King" as a possible boss.
  • Being able to choose a Yogscast skin or a player-made skin.
  • Diggy-diggying a hole.
  • Numerous types of giant carnivorous plants.
  • Ice and fire biomes.
  • Fishing in water (and possibly lava, too.)
  • Survival and Creative modes.
  • Automatically generated structures
  • Animation!



Yogventures Developer Log 003(03:27)
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Current ControlsEdit

Action Button
Walk Forward W (or Up arrow)
Walk Left A (or Left Arrow)
Walk Right D (or Right Arrow)
Walk Backward S (or Down Arrow)
Look Around Move Mouse while holding right mouse button
Character Customisation. Best used in 3rd person. C
Various animations, like Gangnam Style! K
Flashlight, useful for night! 0
Inventory selection 123456789
Inventory I
Enter fly mode F
To go up in fly mode Q
To go down in fly mode E
Run Shift
Cycle through shapes T
Cycle through shapes backwards Y
Stats ~
Enter and exit third person F5
How close the character is in third person Middle mouse scroll
Use current tool Left click mouse button


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