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Usernames/Aliases Yohi, Yohimitsu, Yohimitsun, Lover of Weed
Gender Male
Nationality Dutch
Current Member? No
"It's hanging to the left"

Yohi, also known as Yohimitsu​, Yohimitsun, or Lover of Weed, is a Dutch member of the World of Warcraft Guild 'Ye Olde Goone Squade', and a casual member of the Yogscast's popular Podcast; The YogPod. Although his origins are unknown, the Royal Society has determined this elusive creature suggests to fellow humans to shave under their arms during the art of courting a female.

Further encounters suggest that he also enjoys pointing out the fabled 'Camel Toes' on the adult website Wicked whilst eating a rare combination of McDonalds burger filled with french fries, which is then consumed by milkshake, a combination only known to be found on Pluto and other completely unknown planets and asteroids. He is also known to like the dutch delicacy "space cake".

It has been stated by Yohi that his male appendage on occasion is 'hanging to the left.' No solid evidence has been uncovered on such a subject, yet rumours have circulated on the exact factual validity of the claim.

Hannah has stated that none of the members of the Yogscast have had any sort of contact from Yohimitsu for a long time. In the 2013 Christmas Livestream, Lewis confirmed that Yohi is "just gone".


A fake photo of Yohi he uploaded as a joke.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Cadbury Creme Egg... Cadbury Creme Egg..."
  • "It's hanging to the left, like, half-stiff, half-normal. Inbetween. 'Cause I was scratching it a minute ago."


  • His profile on the YOGS Forum can be found here:
  • Sips and Sjin attempted to get him to join SipsCo. for their Tekkit series, however, according to Sips he was "out of town" so they had to get Rythian in instead.
  • Yohi's favourite word is 'Kanker', which is Dutch for cancer.
  • His least favourite word is Good Morning, which is in-fact two words.
  • Yohi was meant to have his own section in the YoGPoD called "Econimitsu", in which he would talk about the world's economy. It was only proposed that Yohi would take the section because he apparently likes to buy clothes.

An Interview with "Yohimitsun"Edit

Warcraft - How To Lord Jaraxxus07:15

Warcraft - How To Lord Jaraxxus

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