"It's hanging to the left"

Yohi, also known as Yohimitsu​ or Yohimitsun, was a Dutch member of the World of Warcraft Guild 'Ye Olde Goone Squade', and a friend of the Yogscast.

Hannah had stated that none of the members of the Yogscast have had any sort of contact from Yohimitsu for a long time. In the 2013 Christmas Livestream, Lewis confirmed that Yohi was "just gone". However, In late 2014, a yognau(gh)t asked Honeydew in Bristol's Forbidden Planet if they had had any further contact with Yohi and he claimed that they had recently gotten back in touch. In a 2015 stream, Hannah mentioned she was speaking with Yohi on steam but nothing more was said for the rest of the night. In a 2016 Team Double Dragon video Lewis mentioned Yohi was somewhat of a dangerous criminal and it was good they lost touch with him (late January or sometime in February).

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Cadbury Creme Egg... Cadbury Creme Egg..."
  • "It's hanging to the left, like, half-stiff, half-normal. Inbetween. 'Cause I was scratching it a minute ago."


  • His profile on the YOGS Forum can be found here:
  • Sips and Sjin attempted to get him to join SipsCo. for their Tekkit series, however, according to Sips he was "out of town" so they had to get Rythian in instead.
  • His least favourite word is good morning, which is in fact two words.
  • Yohi was meant to have his own section in the YoGPoD called "Econimitsu", in which he would talk about the world's economy. It was only proposed that Yohi would take the section because he apparently likes to buy clothes.
  • During the 22/12/2015 Livestream, Simon spoke to Yohi and he is fine and is not in jail.

An Interview with "Yohimitsun"Edit

Warcraft - How To Lord Jaraxxus07:15

Warcraft - How To Lord Jaraxxus

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