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Real Name Zoey
Usernames/Aliases Zoeya, Proasheck, Captain Zoey, ZoeyProasheck, DefinitelyNotZoey, Zozo, Zoey Drunkasheck
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Zoey
Gender Female
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 2012
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Fiona Riches (Saberial), Joakim Hellstrand (Rythian), Jon Evans (Tee), Jonny Whitten (Ravs)
Catchphrase "Hey good lookins, what's cookins?"
"Hey good lookins, what's cookins?"

Zoey Proasheck, under the username Zoeya, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. Most known for the series "Blackrock Chronicle" with Rythian, Zoey has a gaming YouTube channel, on which contains varied let's plays and videos with her girlfriend, Fiona.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Zoey was the metaphysical existence of rainbows and happiness, an unseen spirit floating through the winds. That is, until she was captured by the Yogscast and literally channeled through the Internet to make people laugh and smile. Those laughs and smiles are now charging a mech that will one day destroy the Earth. But for now, yay rainbows!



  • "Aaaaaaah!"
  • "Awesome!"
  • "That's...normal."
  • "Hey good lookins, what's cookins?"
  • "I had a mushroom village!"
  • "I have mushrooms!"
  • "Hello my name is Zoey and I am here to shoot lasers."
  • "I wear a fez now; Fezes are cool."
  • "I'm being tongued again."
  • "I'm gonna embarrass him further and call him... Boob... Head. Yeah, that'll teach him!"
  • "No, YOUR-anium"
  • "Oh my good gravy!"
  • "Oh my gosh!"
  • "Oh my heavens!"
  • "Rythian, I'm in space! I flew too high and now I'm in space! This is awesome! SPACE!"
  • "This fridge is completely science-free...which means it doesn't work!"
  • "Run you clever boy!"
  • "Hello everybody! I'm Proasheck, also known as Zoey!"
  • "Who's that Pokemon?"
  • "Everyone is a unique rainbow flake."
  • "I'm going to stop saying that now..."
  • "Sjin, you're a noob at Starbound!"
  • "Ow, My head fell off"
  • "Vlog-ortunity."
  • "You’ll be killing people with the power of interpretive dance."
  • "Looks like you got boned."
  • "Holy butts!"
  • "Oh, butts"
  • "Let me kiss you on the facemouth."
  • "Knobjockey! MonkeySlut! Bampot!"
  • "Crikey!"
  • "All hail the Mystery Wheel!"
  • "We need to spin the spinny thing!"
  • "We have to go Beyond Mushbury!"
  • "Eff that poop!"
  • "When in doubt, scoop it out."
  • "Expelling water through your Nether-Regions."




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